For Our Tenants

KeySteps can help you if...

•    You need help completing your online Housing Benefit form.

•    You need advice on applying for a Discretionary Housing Payment – if you have limited money coming in this may reduce hardship and help with top ups to be paid on your monthly rent.

•    You need someone to accompany you to any appointments at the Town Hall, or elsewhere, to help in sorting out ongoing problems.

•    You need advice on how to find furniture and/or white goods for your new home.

•    You need a Foodbank Voucher.

•    You need advice and assistance on how to get repairs carried out at your property.

•    You need help with accessing training or securing funding for courses.

•    You are looking for work and need help with creating or updating your CV.

•    You start work and are worried how you will manage financially until your first salary payment is due, please ask for advice.

•    You are issued with a Notice to Quit your property. Please bring it to the office so that we can advise on whether it is a legal eviction notice or not.

•    You feel you are having problems with your landlord – we can provide a mediation service to help you to keep your tenancy.

You can call 01934 617617 and leave a message any time and we will respond quickly to discuss whatever issues you might have.