About Us

KeySteps enables homeless people across North Somerset to obtain a key to their own front door in the private rental sector with a Bond instead of a cash deposit. 


KeySteps offers advice on housing and associated matters to anyone who needs it, and also a signposting service highlighting other services, charities and support available locally for clients. 


KeySteps provides Continuing Support for its bond-holders and landlords, helping with benefits applications and other issues that might affect a person's tenancy. 


KeySteps has clients housed throughout North Somerset and  helped many local people, a significant proportion of whom fall outside the statutory remit of the local authority.

KeySteps staff Julia and Maggie.


The charity was set up by local churches in 1996 to alleviate poverty in North Somerset. KeySteps 

was originally known as the "Woodspring Deposit Guarantee Board" - later shortened to WDGB.


Donations come from many different sources, including charitable trusts, churches and individuals. We rely on this generous support to provide these much-needed services to the less fortunate within our community. To find out how to make a donation please click here.


KeySteps has connections with many other local organisations. Housing is often only one of the problems that our clients are experiencing and our sign-posting service is now an established part of KeySteps operations.


KeySteps staff are aware that many of the people they work with are classed as vulnerable. KeySteps Safeguarding Policy is available on request.