For Landlords

KeySteps can help you by...

•    Providing Deposit Bonds in lieu of rent deposits - normally up to one month’s rent.

•    Assisting tenants to complete their online Housing Benefit forms and other related paperwork.  We have many years’ experience so we get it right. 

•    Supporting tenants and landlords so small tenancy problems do not become major issues.   

•    Being available by telephone during working hours 5 days a week to both tenants and landlords. 

•    Having a large number of childless clients (couples or single) seeking property, with references from employers or previous landlords already supplied, so we can fill your vacancies quickly.

•    Saving you from needing to advertise your vacancies, which is often expensive.

•    Being members of the North Somerset Housing Forum and the West of England Landlords Forum so we know what is going on!

•    Making no charge for any of the above, so why pay 8-10% to letting agencies.