Welcome to KeySteps



We regret that our offices are currently closed. You will still be able to contact us

by email: Office@KeySteps.org.uk

or phone: 01934 617617.


You can download an application form here.


If you are a current bondholder with us we will make arrangements for you to receive a Foodbank voucher if you need one.


KeySteps helps local homeless people across North Somerset into suitable accommodation in the private rental sector. One of our Bonds acts like a rent deposit, enabling clients to obtain a key to their own front door. Many of our clients fall outside the statutory remit of the local authority.


KeySteps runs twice-weekly Drop-in Sessions for advice on housing and we offer a signposting service, highlighting other services, charities and support available locally for clients.


KeySteps provides Continuing Support for its bond-holders and landlords.